Why China?

Why not?

I moved to New Jersey from my native Vermont in January, 2012 to be nearer to my family. I found a job right away, but three months later found myself unemployed in a tough economy.

I have been, having started work at the age of 15, a camp counselor, a delicatessen sandwich maker, a diner waitress, a janitor, an actor doing children’s theatre, a house parent in a school for the deaf, a UPS driver, a mathematical quotations clerk for a large insurance company, an insurance clerk in a small insurance company, an elementary school teacher, dairy farmer, a baker/owner of a home bakery, owner of a rototilling business, a substitute teacher, a special needs advocate, an EMT with a non profit ambulance, a telephone receptionist, an Executive with a direct selling company, a newspaper columnist, a freelance writer for a newspaper and magazines, an author of a book on local history, an Executive of a non profit summer camp, and a professional fundraiser.

Even with abundant and unusual skills, work is hard to come by in the United States right now. I decided to look abroad and within 6 days had three offers in China and one in Saudi Arabia. The job I selected asked me to come to their school 14 days after I accepted the position as they are short several teachers.

A lover of adventure, I said, “Why not?”

It seems inevitable that the day I accepted the China position, I got a call from a local private school in New Jersey offering me a position.  I’m not one to second guess myself, I believe I made the right choice.  Let’s find out, shall we?

I invite you to follow the blog, and look forward to answering your questions about the life and times of the Chinese.

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5 Responses to Why China?

  1. Sloth Woman says:

    Fran, I’m so excited to read about your adventures! Thanks for blogging about it.

  2. Tracey says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! I think you made the right choice, too. How many times in life are we offered an adventure?

  3. jerseygator says:

    Reblogged this on Jerseygator's Blog and commented:
    How many times in life are you up to the challenge of an adventure? Follow Fran’s adventure as an ESL teacher in China for one year!

  4. Judy Ainsworth says:

    Very excited to read your blog and learn about your adventures and experiences.

  5. Eric Blomquist says:

    Bon voyage–can’t wait to read more!

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